Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's a new year and as such I have invented a vagary of resolutions. I have yet to put pen to paper for each, or hand to type pad as is de rigueur, but instead I'm just focusing on doing rather than thinking. I have an excellent proclivity for dreaming big, as you'll read, but I'm less adept at actually doing--in part because I out-think each possibility. This blog for instance, I've wanted to write, but have always been told to have a focus. Focus, not being strong suit, I abandoned blogging dreams and focused on other projects. But I've recently turned some new habits--for instance working out four weekdays in a row--and have decided to buck tradition and just write what I love: an unfocused collection of things that make me happy from cooking to fashion, design and photography, and public relation advice. Mostly, though, I plan to talk about one of my biggest passions sports and the stories of sports.

So that's me. I apologize if you come looking for sports and find a recipe I've just tried. I learned in 2012 we have to live to make ourselves happy, not selfishly by infringing upon others happiness; instead by making ourselves happy we can better spread happiness. In short, happiness begets happiness.

Hello sunshine! What are your goals for this year?

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